Walks to Remember

By Lia

As you may recall, one of my 2013 resolutions is to run six half marathons. I started training for my first this week, and after a five-mile run, I knew that I should walk quite a bit to keep the blood flowing and not get too sore. Luckily, global warming now means that it’s 50 degrees in the middle of January so a walk wasn’t out of the question. And because I had to run some errands in the city, I took a couple hours extra to take a stroll through Central Park. Should I have stayed home and cleaned the house? Absolutely. Should I have gone to the grocery store, finished all my errands sooner? Yes. Did I have work I should have been doing? Ugh, absolutely.  But how many days do we really get to take just a couple hours for ourselves and well, just….be? Not many. So I took a few extra minutes to put on a slightly nicer outfit than I normally would, actually did my makeup, and walked out the door. What a delight it was to feel and look nice while strolling in Central Park with a hot coffee on a Sunday afternoon.

I didn’t look at my email. I let my mind go free. I just walked and looked around. And most important, I saw. I forgot how magical New York City can be on a Sunday afternoon when you are alone.

I saw all sorts of declarations of love on the park benches:

Including this one, which while so sweet was SO New York  I had to laugh just a little:

Not to mention some good life reminders:


I wandered over to the Poet’s Walk, which is my very favorite part of the Park:

I meandered over to the retention pond…where the city reflected back at the park:

And I threw in a nickel and made a wish (it’s all the way on the left, the shiny spot in the middle!):

And then I found a bulldog riding a skateboard. And I watched him for a really, really long time. He really liked skateboarding.

I finally found the Alice in Wonderland statue…and have to admit it’s kind of terrifying?

But then I found some other classical statues that are way prettier.

I took the time to stare at some buildings I had never noticed before…like this old school YMCA:

And then it was time to start getting things done before it got too late. But I ran through my errands a little slower. And a little more zen.  And when I laid down to sleep Sunday night, with a little bit of the chill from the outdoors still stuck to my skin, I huddled down beneath the covers and slept a little better that night.

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