Valentine’s Day Dinner Ideas

By Erin

Last year for Valentine’s day I made the sweet hubby heart shaped meatloaf.  Isn’t that the cutest little dinner for two?  And if you’re cooking for kids, how cute is heart shaped food?

I’m not sure what I will make this year, but I’m thinking it just may be a heart shaped chicken pot pie.  I bought a small cake pan shaped like a heart from Michael’s, which is what I cooked the meatloaf in, and will also be what I use if I make a pot pie.  Other than placing the meatloaf in the shaped pan, the rest of the recipe was just like making a normal meatloaf – so how easy is that? You can use your regular meatloaf recipe, or you can use mine, which you can find here.

Stay tuned for more Valentine’s Day ideas!

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