Hurricane Sandy

By Lia

Just a quick note to say Erin and I are totally fine! Unfortunately, Erin is without power down in NJ and working to conserve battery until it comes back on just in case she needs it for the baby!  I am in Queens, and luckily my section  of the borough emerged relatively unscathed from the storm.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all of our friends, family, and c0-workers who for the most part, survived without losing a hair on their heads . I have a couple cousins who lost their homes last night, and while that is devastating, I  thank God that they were able to escape without a scratch. Things can be replaced. People cannot.

This is just a sobering reminder to respect nature. I’m from Florida – believe me, I know it is inconvenient to prepare or to evacuate in every instance (which are getting more and more frequent.)  But hurricanes and severe weather are unpredictable things; it’s critical that every instance be taken seriously. You lose nothing by simply being ready.

Love to all and back to our regularly scheduled programming as soon as we can.


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