The Comeback…

…Marathon, that is.  I haven’t run a marathon since 2011, 6 days before I got married and just about a year before baby #1.  Before that, I’d run the NYC Marathon five years in a row.

While I want to so badly run another, when I didn’t get one in between babies #1 and #2, I had a major panic attack that I may never run another.  I mean, let’s face it, marathon training is nearly impossible with a child.  Those long runs are WAY too long for a child (let alone 2!) to sit in a jogging stroller.  And the fact that the sweet hubby and I are both marathoners adds another level of complication. Do we get a sitter every weekend just so we can do a long run? Or do alternate days so we can both run, cutting into the little bit of time we get together already?! How do we both get weekday runs in, when neither of us is a morning person… And then there’s the guilt of leaving your children for hours on the weekend just to go on a run….

And then I read Run Like a Mother

And I knew, that if there were all these other women out there who could make it work, so could I. I read it on the treadmill, pregnant with baby #2.  It was the perfect inspriation to keep running, and the perfect reminder that I could do it again.

So last week I signed up for my comeback marathon, the first marathon I’ll do outside of NYC:

The Rehoboth Beach Marathon.  For those of you who remember, my parents live in Rehoboth, so running a race there is easy. There’s people to watch my kids, I know the course, you can supposadly get to the start just minutes before it actually starts, and there’s a party – with booze – right after you cross the finish.

While I love the NYC Marathon more than anything, its a long, long process of waiting on Staten Island for hours, running, then wading through Central Park to make the long public transportation hike home. Which is fine…. but complicated by the fact that I’ll still be nursing. Eight or so hours away from my baby and pump would not be the most comfortable thing on earth.  So for so many reasons, Rehoboth looks like a great opportunity.

I’m still running (at 31 weeks and 4 days!) Let’s hope these little running shoes want to keep it up for a few more weeks.

Maternity Fashions – Fashionable?

By Erin


The first thing I said when my mother and we walked into a maternity store was, “I hate this place.” I had to quickly get over that. While some people can wear their own clothes pretty far into pregnancy, I am not one of those people. My tailored wardrobe of skinny jeans, cardigans and fitted dresses didn’t stand a chance. My mother bought me one of those belly bands, which lets you continue to wear your own pants for longer.  I did wear it a few times around week 10. While I know some people swear by them, it was too much fabric around my middle for my comfort.  In addition to being picky about food when I got pregnant, apparently I ALSO became very picky about what kind of fabric I wear and what my clothes feel like.  Basically, I only like to wear things that are soft cotton, with the exception of a few pieces.  And, as you may know, so many of the maternity fashions out there, in addition to being just outright ugly, are also made of cheap, yucky rayon or other materials.

But I have actually found some regular clothing (that’s soft and comfy!) that runs big enough to fit me now as I approach 20 weeks, AND some really cute maternity things that don’t make you want to run the other way.

So I thought I’d share a few of my favorite finds, just in case any of you readers are pregnant and in the same spot I was a few weeks ago: feeling like you will NEVER find anything cute to wear again.

This has been one of my favorite outfits.  The skirt’s from JCrew Factory – its a regular skirt that has elastic around the waist.  I normally wear this in a 4, but I bought 2 in a size 8. They fit perfectly, and still can stretch a bit more, or can be worn below my belly.  I paired it with Gap’s Pure Body Maternity T-shirt, which is long, super stretchy and so, so soft. Stock up on these.  (And the tanks!) The cardigan is an old JCrew Jackie cardigan, my wardrobe staple.


And, obviously I love this outfit because I can pair it with Rainbows.  I also bought the skirt in this bright blue. 

My mom picked up this wrap dress for me.  It’s from Pea in the Pod. It fits PERFECTLY.  The wrap around isn’t a wrap around in the skirt – the skirt is closed.  Which is good, because this means it can never fly open on accident when you’re crossing the street or walking over a subway grate! It’s SUPER flattering on and perfect for work.  I paired it with brown knee high Cole Hahn boots and sported it to a trade show for work – it didn’t wrinkle, so it was perfect for such an event and super easy to pack for a work trip.

My mom also scored this plain blue number – its Motherhood Maternity, but I’m pretty sure she picked it up at Macy’s.  It came with an ugly brown belt, but I threw that out and paired it with one I had from JCrew Factory and some red stripped Tom’s Wedges.  My summer favorite shoe! I mean, seriously. How cute are these shoes?

This number is from JCrew Factory.  I’d normally wear a small, but this is a medium, and its been a lifesaver! I’m been sporting it twice a week. Because of the drawstring around the middle, it has plenty of room for my growing entire body belly. And, its the softest cotton EVER.


Finally, there is my obsession with Boden.  I just want everything in the catalog.  Everything.  So I was ecstatic when I realized they had maternity clothes. It’s not cheap, but if you’re looking to splurge on something that’s good quality, its worth it!

These leggings and this shirt are so, so soft and comfortable (again, super soft cotton) that I’m going to buy them in another color. Because I’d seriously be happy if I could wear this every. single. Day. 

And I know that leggings are generally soft, but I have NEVER felt anything like these. Pure heaven.

What maternity close are you sporting? Have you found anything you really LOVE?


What My Target Shopping List is Looking Like…

By Erin


This is what I purchased when I went to Target with my husband last week.  Never in my life did I think that a 34DD would be considered un-sexy…but when your boobs hurt and look saggy, and the very, very last thing you want your husband to do is touch them, well, we’ve reached that point.  This was officially my most depressing combination of purchases ever.  And maybe cream for stretch marks is one of those things I should have purchased alone?

And I’m sure you’ve all gathered that I’m really, really missing alcohol. Like WAY more than I thought I would.  And while this helps quench my cravings for beer, its really not the same as a Sol with a lime on one of these warm summer days.  Or a Margarita with extra salt, which I would just about kill for right now.