Instagram Love – Wordless Wednesday

By Erin

I’m probably the last person one earth to learn to use Instagram. And I now that I know, I can’t stop. Here’s a few of my favorite recent pics. (Ok, so this wasn’t TOTALLY wordless, but I think you people get the idea…)

And, forget that. I can never stop talking, not even in a blog post. This is the most delicious strawberry margarita, EVER. Made by yours truly.

I have an alcoholic every drink every day this summer since I was knocked up last summer, and becuase, duh, we’ve met before, right? Go ahead, judge all you want. Now let’s move onto the next pic. No words needed here, just a pat on the back to myself. Nicely done on scoring the hottest hubby around.

I love this shade of Dior lipstick. And this coral JCREW dress. I just wish I had more places to wear it!

Enough said. The love of my life.

My favorite pic I’ve ever snapped of her.

Walks to Remember

By Lia

As you may recall, one of my 2013 resolutions is to run six half marathons. I started training for my first this week, and after a five-mile run, I knew that I should walk quite a bit to keep the blood flowing and not get too sore. Luckily, global warming now means that it’s 50 degrees in the middle of January so a walk wasn’t out of the question. And because I had to run some errands in the city, I took a couple hours extra to take a stroll through Central Park. Should I have stayed home and cleaned the house? Absolutely. Should I have gone to the grocery store, finished all my errands sooner? Yes. Did I have work I should have been doing? Ugh, absolutely.  But how many days do we really get to take just a couple hours for ourselves and well, just….be? Not many. So I took a few extra minutes to put on a slightly nicer outfit than I normally would, actually did my makeup, and walked out the door. What a delight it was to feel and look nice while strolling in Central Park with a hot coffee on a Sunday afternoon.

I didn’t look at my email. I let my mind go free. I just walked and looked around. And most important, I saw. I forgot how magical New York City can be on a Sunday afternoon when you are alone.

I saw all sorts of declarations of love on the park benches:

Including this one, which while so sweet was SO New York  I had to laugh just a little:

Not to mention some good life reminders:


I wandered over to the Poet’s Walk, which is my very favorite part of the Park:

I meandered over to the retention pond…where the city reflected back at the park:

And I threw in a nickel and made a wish (it’s all the way on the left, the shiny spot in the middle!):

And then I found a bulldog riding a skateboard. And I watched him for a really, really long time. He really liked skateboarding.

I finally found the Alice in Wonderland statue…and have to admit it’s kind of terrifying?

But then I found some other classical statues that are way prettier.

I took the time to stare at some buildings I had never noticed before…like this old school YMCA:

And then it was time to start getting things done before it got too late. But I ran through my errands a little slower. And a little more zen.  And when I laid down to sleep Sunday night, with a little bit of the chill from the outdoors still stuck to my skin, I huddled down beneath the covers and slept a little better that night.

2013: It’s a Big Year Ahead of Us…

By Erin

2011 and 2012 were pretty amazing years for me. I got married in the first, and had a baby in the second. It can’t get much better than that, right? Even though I know I can’t top those two years excitement wise, probably ever, the next few years before me are arguably much, much more important.  That’s why, as I look forward, there’s really only one resolution that matters: to be a good mother.  To make sure that this little chicken, and my future chickens, get all the love they need, and so much more.

Sure, there are other things I’d like to do, like resolve to volunteer, knit Baby T. a dress, drop these extra 20 pounds of McDonald’s baby weight, travel more, etc., but in reality, I know most of these won’t happen in 2013, and that’s OK. Sorta like all those years that my resolutions were to be friends with famous people and find a really “cool” job. I never did nail those two things, but I did find a few things that were even better along the way: true, lifelong friends who’s stuck by me the past 11.5 (eek!) years in New York, and a really, really good job that I love.  But being a good mom? That’s one I’m not willing to fail at.

For me, being a good mother needs to begin at bringing SOME organization to my otherwise chaotic life.  While my constant state of mess (literally and figuratively) may be good for me, a child needs a bit more structure and organization. At least to some degree!

To help achieve this, my first step was organizing our life and commitments. I found this dry erase calendar for our fridge from Target (its by Mead), to make sure the hubby and I both stop “accidentally” double booking our weekends when the other one has made plans, and to make sure we don’t forget about things like Baby T’s doctor’s appointments.

I also broke out my old Kate Spade Planner that I bought at the Sample Sale in 2003 for the same reason.  And yes, I know I can do all this crap online. I know that there is this thing called the cloud has tons of calendars I could use and share and blah, blah, blah. But I’m old school. I like my dry-erase calendar and my planner.

Finally, besides organizing, I’ve taken one other big step towards being a good mom: I’ve spent hours and hours cuddling, loving and enjoying my precious little nugget:



Easy Desk Organization

By Lia

A really clever post on BuzzFeed today shares some easy ways to organize your office space in the New Year. If you’re anything like me and my co-workers, keeping your desk organized falls somewhere between climbing Mount Everest and hitching a ride to the international space station in terms of levels of difficulty. And why? It’s where we spend most of our time. Here is a real run down of everything currently in my office cube:

  • a chandelier
  • four pairs of silver shoes that I’m definitely going to return to Zappos, even though I bought them more than 2.5 years ago
  • Five dresses to be altered
  • A pair of running shoes I need to return
  • A very fancy telephone from someone else’s office
  • Five water cups on my desk
  • A bathing suit I need to return
  • A hair straightener

And that’s just what I can see within my line of sight. God only knows what’s out of my line of sight. So trust that I’ll be putting some of these tips in action in the next few days, if for no other reason than that I’m an adult and that’s what I should do.

Hurricane Sandy

By Lia

Just a quick note to say Erin and I are totally fine! Unfortunately, Erin is without power down in NJ and working to conserve battery until it comes back on just in case she needs it for the baby!  I am in Queens, and luckily my section  of the borough emerged relatively unscathed from the storm.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all of our friends, family, and c0-workers who for the most part, survived without losing a hair on their heads . I have a couple cousins who lost their homes last night, and while that is devastating, I  thank God that they were able to escape without a scratch. Things can be replaced. People cannot.

This is just a sobering reminder to respect nature. I’m from Florida – believe me, I know it is inconvenient to prepare or to evacuate in every instance (which are getting more and more frequent.)  But hurricanes and severe weather are unpredictable things; it’s critical that every instance be taken seriously. You lose nothing by simply being ready.

Love to all and back to our regularly scheduled programming as soon as we can.


Weekend Snaps: Tacos, Christmas and a Big Surprise

By Lia

I don’t get a chance many weekends to say that front to back, things were just lovely, but well – this weekend was just gorgeous.

First and foremost, I got to eat a lot of tacos:


I got started on some Christmas crafts for some shows Erin and I want to sell at this fall:


And I may or may not have received the best bling ever…specifically the type that goes on your left hand, ifyaknowwhatimean.


More to come on the third thing soon. :)

Hot, Hot, Hot!

By Erin

Whew. I’m sure every single one of you is happy that this heat wave has past for a few days.  While I love summer, and love hot beachy weather, 90 is about my limit. My car reading 110 on Saturday was not too cute.  So what did you do to stay cool? I was in Rehoboth Beach, visiting my folks for a long weekend, from Wednesday through Sunday.  Totally abusing their Central AC, since our condo has a crappy window unit that doesn’t work very well.

First off, big news in my world: I went to the movie theater! For the second time this year, even! We saw The Amazing Spider Man. Highly recommended if you haven’t seen it yet.  (For those of you who don’t know me IRL, I can’t sit through a movie. I get tired, bored, I have to pee, I get hungry, etc. Going to the theater is like torture to me.)

In addition to the movies, I also spent some time in the community pool, which was as hot as a bath! But, it was WAY too hot on Friday and Saturday to sit on the sand at the beach. So this was the next best thing!

Sunday, when the temperature FINALLY went down to a chilly 93 degrees, we headed to the ocean, and I got in some quality swimming time with my favorite little man, my cousin’s adorable son.  Our eyes were closed in every photo. Whoops.

I sported this bathing suit from Old Navy, which I love, especially for the price!

I never thought I’d mind giving up alcohol when I got pregnant, but you know what? It really sucks. Like, way more than I ever imagined.  I’m not even a beer drinker in general, but I’m totally craving beer on these hot days.  I have sampled a number of the non-alcoholic beers out there, and I have to say: On a hot day, when your body really, really wants a beer, they get the job done. This weekend I drank Busch’s version, which is pretty darn tasty!


The hubby joined me over the weekend, and was WAY TOO ENGROSSED in his book. I wanted to gossip, and all he wanted to do was read Game of Thrones.  Lia is also into this series, so maybe I should get on board.  What are you all reading? I’m in need of a new book! And don’t suggest 50 Shades. I stopped halfway through. And no, its not because I’m a prude (I did skip ahead and read all the dirty parts).   But that’s a post for another day. 






Theater Review: Closer Than Ever

When I turned 10 years old, my mom took me to see my first Broadway show. Since I had reached the double digits, she thought I was ready to see New York City for the first time and experience live theater. I come from a long, long line of theater nuts — my mom saw Grease on Broadway 37 times. And when it comes to her and I, the apple does not fall far. We more or less like everything the same (really the only difference between her and I is that I’m a more adventerous eater) so she just knew I would love the theater like she did.

That birthday is one of my favorite childhood memories and quite frankly, shaped my entire life. We came to New York about 4 p.m. in the afternoon. Men and women were rushing everywhere — I remember so clearly seeing women in their business suits and running shoes and thinking that just looked so crazy. Everyone looked so busy, so important.  I remember standing in Times Square, looking at a sign that said XXX (this was the pre-Giuliani era!) and for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out what that might spell. I asked my mom and she said, “I have no idea, either.” Shortly thereafter, we left Times Square.  (I was suspicious, but didn’t connect the dots for several more years :) )

For the musical, we saw The Will Rogers Follies and I loved every second of it. The dancing and the singing in the show, combined with the energy of New York City — the entire day left an enormous impression on me at a young age. And it’s exactly why, 13 years later, I moved. To this day, it’s the only place I’ve ever visited and said to myself, I belong here. And my love of the theater has never died.

Recently, I received an invitation to view a revival of an Off-Broadway musical from 1989 called Closer Than Ever, which originally ran just one year before that fateful 10th birthday. The set is simple – six doors from which the actors enter and exit, made to look like any city apartment building hallway, except the walls are lit to look like a gorgeous, cloud-filled afternoon sky. It’s a perfect, easy backdrop for the two hours that follow, which are two acts worth of songs about love – its ups, its downs and its evolution. The X-factor though is that each and every song is hilarious.

The cast of Closer Than Ever.

With lyrics by Richard Maltby, Jr. and music by David Shire, there’s a little something for everyone in this show. My partner-in-crime and I for the evening found ourselves alternately laughing hysterically or near tears by the mix of tenderness and humor in each and every song. The opening number, “She Loves Me Not,” sets the tone –  Female Neighbor A loves Male Neighbor B, but Male Neighbor B has his eyes on Male Neighbor C (we laughed), and winds through various versions of love and loss including pieces like “Life Story,” which details a woman looking back on her life after divorcing her husband in her 20s, but wondering if the independent life she’s led is worth it while still single in older age (we were blinking back tears.). You leave with a lot of great food for thought.

The cast is just four people, but each inhabits the different characters of each song like a second skin. You believe each and every one of them as they play their parts, such as a married man who thinks, but ultimately doesn’t act, on cheating on his wife while on a business trip (Sal Viviano in “One of the Good Guys”) to a meek real estate agent gettin’ it on with the super in one of her buildings (Jenn Colella in “Miss Byrd.”)

Sal Viviano

Jen Colella

For anyone who loves love, loves musicals, loves the million ways we all fall in and out of love with each other in New York City every day, and most of all, loves that crazy combination of laughing through your tears — this is the perfect show. And the York Theater Company’s unassuming space in the lower level of Saint Peter’s Church on 53rd Street just enhances the whole experience. The show runs through July 14 and I wouldn’t miss it.

Closer Than Ever
Starring: Jenn Colella, George Dvorsky, Christiane Noll and Sal Viviano
Cost: $67.50
Where: York Theater Company at St. Peter’s; 619 Lexington Avenue
When: Mondays & Tuesdays at 7:00 p.m., Wednesdays through Fridays at 8:00 p.m. and Saturdays at 2:30 p.m. & 8:00 p.m

Never Be Home

By Lia

There is something about summertime New York that, for me, always brings up mixed feelings. In the city, you spend so much of your year being cold and forced indoors that when the sun is shining and the restaurants open their outdoor seating spaces, you feel as if you just might die from happiness. The clouds lift from your brain and your seasonal depression disappears. The world is your oyster again.

But that’s before the incredible humidity kicks in. Before you feel the concrete and the steel reflecting the heat in such a way that it’s not hard to imagine you may actually be living inside a giant microwave. And this coming from a girl who grew up in Florida. The point at which I have to say I feel hot or uncomfortable from heat is the same point that other people are passing out or running for the hills (assuming they can make it that far.) And in New York in the summer, I say I’m hot all.the.time.

And so for the last few years, save for last summer when I spent weekend mornings training for the marathon, I’ve come to regard summer as a very happy time, albeit time that I spend parked in front of my air conditioner when I’m not at brunch. And it’s resulted in a number of summers where I simply haven’t taken advantage of the incredible playground that is New York City between June and September. Baseball games. Concerts. Train rides to the beach. It’s all there and not very expensive if you know where to look…you just have to be willing to leave your a/c behind. And I’ve got myself into some bad habits.

However, I have a good feeling the next few years will be the very last where I’m not bound to anyone or anything in a tangible way.  Just me, my boyfriend and my dog…free to enjoy everything and anything without any “real” responsibility. And I’m determined to enjoy every last minute of it.

Which is why I flew out of work at 5:30 on a Monday and went to Central Park for a concert. I’ve lived here for eight years and only done this twice. Doesn’t that just sound awful? How is it even possible? But no time like the present to change things up. Here is one of my favorite bands to dance to, Foster the People, live in Central Park last night:

It felt so good to be outside, where GC and I actually ran to some of Erin’s friends out of the clear blue sky, and we all sat and talked and enjoyed the concert as a big group. I tried to capture the moment, even though typical GC and I can’t just take a regular photo…and that is why all of our pictures together involve one of us looking normal and the other looking…not normal. Like so:

But that’s a small matter. We danced, we held hands, we drank wine out of a plastic cup. It was just the way a summer night in New York City should feel and I’m determined to have as many as I can exactly like it.


A Little News….

One of us is pregnant! WooHoo!