Baby T’s Newborn Pictures

By Erin

One of the things that I absolutely wanted was to have newborn photos of Baby T. You know, those ones where the babies are naked and all scrunched up? They’re my FAVORITE.  I asked for recommendations from friends and chose Anne Constance.  Her studio is in West Orange, New Jersey.  She was AMAZING. She shoots in color and black and white, and has a variety of really cute props to use.

I’ll share just a few of Baby T’s photos below.  I mean, seriously.  Have you ever seen anything cuter? If you’re looking for a photographer, Anne is HIGHLY recommended if you’re in the area.

The thing with these photos is that the baby has to be ASLEEP. Like, dead asleep. Anne takes this newborn session during the baby’s first two weeks, when they pretty much just sleep all day long. Guess who chose to be WIDE awake when we arrived at the studio? Oh yes, my child.  But Anne patiently waited an ENTIRE HOUR AND A HALF so that we could lull Baby T. back to sleep. She even helped rock her again and again.  Why she chose that morning to be anti-nap, I don’t know. But I so appreciated Anne’s patience so that we could get the most perfect photos.

If you choose to get newborn pictures, contact the photographer WAY before your due date, so they can hold a spot (even if not an exact date) for you. If they know when you are approximately due, they’ll be able to fill you into their schedule.  Many photographers only do one or two sessions a day, since you need a lot of natural light for newborn photos. I will definitely be giving Anne a call for more photos down the road of Baby T – she does kids and families as well!

Check out her website:

PS – baby T is the one on the home page in that ADBORABLE baby bed and ski hat.

This next one is our favorite. I just die over this smirk on her face! Is she dreaming about milk or pooping?


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