How to Tie a Bow Tie

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Last week, the sweet hubby and I were going to a black tie event at the Waldorf Astoria. Fancy, I know.  While my husband owns a tux, its not like we have anyplace to wear such fancy clothes on the regular.  So, not surprising, when he pulled out his bow tie, he asked if I could figure out how the … [Continue reading]

Adventures in Oil Pulling

Organic coconut oil. This is the brand I've been using.

By Lia A few weeks ago, a friend of mine on Facebook posted about a trend he was noticing called "oil pulling" asking if anyone had tried it and what they thought of it, if so. Because I HATE when I don't know something potentially pop culture related, I immediately googled it...and was just as … [Continue reading]

Natural Spring Cleaning Ideas and Tips Infographic 1

By Lia Despite temperatures hovering in the 50s, I went ahead today and put on a lighter jacket with no scarf, and left my gloves at home. Was I a … [Continue reading]

Jo-Ann National Craft Month – Spring Rug Project


By Lia Shout out to all of us living above the Mason-Dixon line - today it's 55-ish degrees out and it feels like we're living in a tropical … [Continue reading]

Vintage Drinking Glasses Catching My Eye

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By Erin For years I've been obsessed with a store in Manhattan called Olde Good Things.  It's a Vintage/Antique store in Manhattan (that has a … [Continue reading]

Letterpress for All Occasions


By Erin I love, love, love greeting cards.  However, I do not at all like cheesy greeting cards with a sappy message or too many words. I prefer … [Continue reading]